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ID® is renowned for quality products which last and look good even after extended heavy use. But did you know that we have more to offer – such as private label solutions and warehousing services?

ID® Direct - Private Label and special production

ID® can produce a complete clothing collection for use by a company or sports club. We can provide whatever colours are needed, and lots of exciting features such as: logos, neck labels, special buttons and much more.

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ID® Service - Textile printing

Virtually all of the profile clothing we produce is subsequently printed on or embroidered. Many of the orders ID® ship are therefore sent to printing houses within Denmark or abroad.

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ID® Warehouse - Warehousing services

Warehousing services are practical and easy for you, especially if you do not wish to manage your own large warehouse – let us take care of everything. We can offer everything from simple storage of your products to a complete logistics operation where we take care of all handling.

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ID®is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of corporate wear. Every day, we provide clothing for companies and events across Europe, emphasising the joint corporate identity of our customers’ customers. Whether we deliver high-quality laundry and leasing solutions or provide sparring on product development, design and advice, we do it with passion and pleasure. It has been part of our identity and history for more than three decades. Rooted in Denmark, but with an international outlook, we want to deliver best-in-industry corporate wear in terms of quality, functionality, design and responsibility.


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