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One of our greatest strengths is that we always stock an extensive basic range. But there may also be situations where our customers need a brand-new design or adaptations to our basic products. Many of the items that leave our warehouse are therefore produced as private label or customised products.
We have grouped these services under the name ID® Direct:  

+  Idea development jointly with you

+  Specially designed products

+  Countless combination options

+  Same production flow as standard products

+  Same reliable delivery

+  Production and logistics planned jointly with you

ID® is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of profile clothing, corporate clothing and promotional clothing, and we sell our products through a professional network of dealers. We are the name behind some of the market's leading brands such as T-TIME, PRO wear, GAME and YES. We stand for quality in the supply of t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces, and outerwear. If you need bags, towels, gloves, or other accessories, we have a wide range available – just have a look round the shop to see many different options.    

As well as offering our standard range, we also design and manufacture private label articles for companies and retail chains.


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