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Search bar

The search bar is available to use on any page in the main interface or portal.

It is located in the upper-left corner of the interface.

To use the search bar, click the search field and type anything related to the stored files. Press ‘Enter’ to execute the search.

A normal search will be a global search; anything in the files that is related to what was searched will be displayed. This can be titles, tags, keywords, Product IDs, dimensions, dates, folders, albums, etc.

For a more specific search, use the Advanced Search Options.

Advanced Search Options

Advanced search options offers users the ability to be very specific with their searches. It can be very useful when there are thousands of files to navigate through.

To activate the advanced search options, hover over or click the magnifying glass icon in the search field.

This will drop down a menu of search options categorized in three sections:

Users can decide to do a global search (the default search) or search exclusively within the currently posted results.

Combine terms:
Users can do a boolean-style search for files. Select ‘AND’ (the default selection) to search for files with all of the words in the text field, or ‘OR’ to search for files that include at least one of the typed words.

Only within fields:
This option is for users who want a specific search within certain fields. The fields that can be searched are  ‘Description, Keywords, Tags, Filename, Comments, Author’. Users can choose to search in one field, multiple fields, or click ‘Select All’ to search in all six fields.

Select Multiple Files

To muliselect files, hover over the right hand corner of a file thumbnail and click the checkmark (or left of the thumbnail in List view).

Selected files will display color and non-selected files will appear greyed out.

A user can also quickly select all files in the interface by clicking ‘Select All’ in the bottom-left corner.

To cancel multiselect, click ‘Cancel’.

Download Files

Users are able to review files before downloading them in the Information View page or the Preview page, or immediately download them from the thumbnail preview in a Smart Album gallery.

To download from a thumbnail preview, hover over the thumbnail and click the ‘download’ icon.

To download from the Preview page, click the ‘download’ icon in the upper left corner.

To download from the Information View page, click the ‘download’ icon in the upper left corner.

Download Folders and Albums

To download an album or folder, open the Folder & Album structure.

Find the parent folder of the album or folder to be downloaded.

The folders content will be displayed on the interface. Click the ‘download’ icon in the thumbnail of the folder or album to download a .zip of its contents.

If in List view, the ‘download’ icon will be on the right side of the file description.

Bulk Download

Multiple files can be downloaded by using the bulk action feature.

To apply bulk download, first select multiple files.

Click the ‘edit’ icon in the lower-left corner.

The option to download the files will be displayed in the list. Files will be downloaded as a .zip.

The option to download the files will be displayed in the list. Files will be downloaded as a .zip.

Share Files

To share a file, find the thumbnail on the main interface. The share button will be at the bottom of the thumbnail.

The share button is also available in the Preview page or the Information View page, in the upper-left corner.

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