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At ID® we are proud to supply profile clothing through a broad array of professional dealers in Denmark and abroad. Over the last three decades, it has been our primary goal to create identity and visibility for our customers’ customers. We will continue to do this in the future, and it will always be part of our DNA.

ID® is an international company, but we give priority to close ties with our cu­stomers, irrespective of their global location. Many customers visit ID® throughout the year. They are therefore aware that they get more than just clothing and accessories when they do business with ID®. We guarantee our products are produced in an ethical and environmental manner, and have some of the best logistics and warehouse facilities on the market. So you can count on us for quick and precise delivery all year round.

ID®is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of corporate wear. Every day, we provide clothing for companies and events across Europe, emphasising the joint corporate identity of our customers’ customers. Whether we deliver high-quality laundry and leasing solutions or provide sparring on product development, design and advice, we do it with passion and pleasure. It has been part of our identity and history for more than three decades. Rooted in Denmark, but with an international outlook, we want to deliver best-in-industry corporate wear in terms of quality, functionality, design and responsibility.


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